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Tuesday, 21 February 2012

How I Reuse my Glossy Boxes

I have been an avid subscriber of GlossyBox since it first started and have been receiving them since June of last year. Although I don't blog about the contents as I think so many people do that and it wouldn't be constructive to have any more reviews than what is needed. I may review some of the individual products from time to time if there is something I truley love and would recommend and there are a couple of things that will come up in future posts.

So onto the point of my post today!

In my room I have a shelving set which is where I keep all my glossy boxes with the lids underneath each box.

This is my top shelf and I will explain each box in L-R.
So the first box contains a few essentials, Hairspray, my deoderant my Fiances deoderant for when he visits ( we are long distance :( ) and a few other hair products.
Next is my perfume box- I think you can guess whats in it.
Then next one is my skincare box, so a few Body Shop products and bits and bobs from glossyboxes. My Liz Earle products are not there as they live next to my mirror. Next to my boxes I have a shoe shaped money bank.

Ok so onto the next 2 shelfs.

The first one is my nail box with all my nail varnishes thrown in and false nails. As you can tell I'm not a very tidy person as long as its in a box.
Next is my body products box and the main product in there at the moment is my Dead Sea Salt brushing scrub which I absolutely love!
The next three boxes are just full of random bits and pieces which I really need to go through and organise.
Onto my last box which I think is my favourite full of false eyelashes. I love falsies and think that for a night out they really complete the look.

Anyway that enough of me blabbering on about boxes and my unorganised but organised storage. I think its a great way of reusing the boxes, it would be such a waste to throw them away. They also make great gift boxes and I did that at Christmas and used them for my two best friends presents.

Leave a comment and tell me how do you reuse yours??

A xxx

Thursday, 16 February 2012

My love affair with....Liz Earle continues.

For Christmas my wonderful Fiance` bought me a skincare collection from Liz Earle. As I had ran out of the cleanse and polish this was a wonderful gift! In the collection I got a 100ml pump cleanse and polish, a 200ml Instant Skin boost tonic and a 50ml skin repair moisturiser for normal combination skin. I also recieved as a free gift from Liz Earle the superskin concentrate oil.

 As an offer Liz Earle are offering the 3 skincare products for £41 with free p+p and a free gift. At the moment that gift is an Intensive Nourishing Treatment Mask 50ml worth £12.75.

The Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish is extremely popular and there are so many reviews on youtube and on different blogs. My review can be found here

The next step after using the cleanser is to use the Instant Skin Boost Tonic which is suitable for all skin types. The toner is said to be non-drying and soothes, refreshes and brightens the skin. I find that it does do all these things and I like the fact that its non-drying. After use the skin feels hydrated rather than stripped of its natural oils which is good for both oily and dry skin types. The Active ingredients found in the product include organic aloe vera, chamomile, cucumber and vitamin E, it is well known that these ingredients are great for healthy bright looking skin. 

 On to the moisturiser. I use the Normal/combination one although they have different ones for each skin type. I find that i only need to use the smallest amount of product as a little really does go a long way. I really like this about the product as I know it will last for a long time. The moisturiser contains the active ingredients  borage oil and avocado oil. 

Although they are a little bit more pricey than many other brands I don't think you can really put a price on good skincare. It is important to make sure that the skin especially on the face is looked after and kept well hydrated. As well as drinking plenty of water it is important to look after the skin and I would highly recommend these products which are not tested on animals and are very natural. 
The products can be bought  here

A x 

Sunday, 12 February 2012

Revlon Just Bitten lipstain and balm

So I broke my no make-up buying rule oops.... but I decided as its still a bit dreary outside I needed a little something to brighten up my life. I had a look at some different brands of lipstain such as Max Factor and Maybelline but the Revlon coulours stood out to me as they come with a stain on one end and a balm on the other.

There are 10 colours to choose from which range from nudes to dark or bright colours. I choose the colour Flame which is the 3rd one from the left. Its a very pinky orange colour.

 The felt tip side of the Lip pen, Its goes onto the lips nice and smooth. I use the pointed end to draw in a lip line then use it flat to colour in my lips.
 The Lip balm end of the Pen. I think its a great Idea to have a lip balm built into the product. I carry lip balm at all times as my lips dry out very easily and this helps to give a glossy effect and keep lips moisturised without the need of carrying around extra products.

This is the colour on the lips with no balm on top. its a very pink/orange coulour and is very bright!!! 

This is with the lip balm on top. It has a slightly more glossy effect to it which helps to pick it up the bit more. 

I have found that the product does last for a number of hours without coming off even after drinking and eating. The only problem I have found is that it doesn't "stick" to my lips as much in the dryer areas. I would definitely recommend this product for people who like bright lip colours and are looking for a long lasting lip product. 

I bought mine in Boots for £7.99
A x