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Sunday, 30 September 2012

Berber oil review

 I got this little bottle of Berber oil in a beauty box (Glossybox I believe it was. As someone with extremely oily hair I dismissed it as a product that I would never use and chucked it in my drawer of hair products. Then one day I was rummaging around and found it lurking, since my hair was dyed blonde last year it's quite dry at the ends even after being dyed brown again the blonde has come through and I now have an ombré effect hair without even trying. The lighter part of my hair though is so super dry so I thought I'd give the Berber oil a go of it. 

The product is a gel like oil- that's the best way to describe it, it's not as runny like an oil but not as solid as gel is. I pop some into the palms of my hand and rub it between them and distribute it through the lengths and ends of my hair when it's been towel dried. I don't go above my ears with the product as I don't want my roots to get greasy. I then brush through my hair which is now tug free and smooth. After drying my hair is super soft and a lot less frizzy and messy looking, it then straightens with such ease and is not greasy in the slightest. My hair is shiny and healthy looking.

Would I recommend this product?? Yes!!! 100%. 

Would I repurchase?? 1 million%. You can get Berber oil on Amazon and EBay, 100ml is less than £10 and you need the tiniest amount each time. So definitely worth the money!!! 

I hope this review was helpful. I have another oil which I will review once I used it a good few times and compare.

Azaria xxxxx

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Something a bit more personal!

So since I have no inspiration for posts at the moment I thought I would let my followers and readers get to know me a bit better. So as you know I'm getting married next year, next September to be exact. I'm currently in my final semester at Uni and I cannot wait to finish as I can then move to the south of England to be with my wonderful husband to be who is doing his Phd down there. 

We have been long distance for 3 years which is so ridiculously hard. I never knew just how hard it would be, but we got through it and I think if something is meant to be then you will be able to work through whatever's going on in your life. So in January I move to my own home with my other half and it seriously cannot come quick enough.

 I'm hoping that over the next few months my blog will take shape and that I can find some inspiration for some new posts. If anyone has any suggestions I would be more that grateful. 

Azaria xx