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Monday, 4 February 2013

Spending Ban- January

Hello pretty people! As some of you may know I'm getting married this year and so I have a lot of saving to do! In order to achieve my goals I have inflicted a spending ban upon myself to stop me from buying anything unnecessary. Here I aim to share my tips and tricks that I am trying out in order to not spend money and use up all the products sitting at the bottom of my drawer. I know many people try a spending ban especially in January but seem to lose focus in the following months!

Let me tell you how I have done so far....

In January I was really quite good, I only bought a few bits from Lush that I can see the haul here. I have found that this month was pretty easy for me as I didn't get the chance to go shopping much.

A couple of things I have been trying to ask myself is "do I need it?" ,  "will I use it up?". If the answer to these are no then I don't buy it. I also ask myself "do I have something similar?" if the answer is yes then I don't buy it. This can work for all manner of things not just beauty products, its great when your food shopping too!



This post will be on going and updated throughout the year and I am looking for reader tips to put into the post so please comment and tweet me some suggestions!

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