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Monday, 11 April 2011

Lush skincare

Last week I went to a Lush store to have a look around. A very friendly sales assistant came over to help me. I t  old her about my problem skin...Its normally oily but has been getting dry around the cheek and nose areas. She suggested that I needed to balance my skin out which was indeed true. She suggested one of Lush's fresh face masks. She tried 2 on the back of my hands Oatifix and Love Lettuce. Both of these were very nice although i preferred the feeling of Love Lettuce which contains lavender, crushed almonds and kaolin. It's exfoliating, soothing and balancing in one mask. She then used breath of fresh air toner this is a fresh and calming toner and helps make my pores smaller and my skin clean and refreshed. I then had Imperialis moisturiser applied again this moisturiser is balancing and leaves the skin soft and not oily or dry.

 I have now been using this regime everyday (the mask twice a week) for the past 2 weeks and my skin has improved considerably. It is now soft and not overly oily. The mask is great as a mask and exfoliation in one which saves me time in the morning. I am now in love with my new Lush skincare regime I will certainly be trying more skincare products from them.

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