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Thursday, 8 March 2012

My favourite books.

So this is a bit of a different post for me. I love to read and unfortunately don't get to read too  much but since I got my kindle for Christmas 2010 I have really started to read more and lately there have been a few books that have really stood out to me. one being a series. 


The hunger games is an amazing trilogy and is coming out at the cinema on the 23rd of March. I got into these books from my friend Lucy who was reading them and in fact our whole group of friends started reading it!! 

The story focuses on Katniss the female lead and is set in the future in America after a massive world war. The country (now called Panem) is split into 12 districts which are ruled by the capitol and each year a boy and a girl from each of the 12 districts compete to the death in an arena! its an absolutely amazing trilogy and I would recommend it to anyone who loves a good book. I will also being going to the cinema when its release to see whether the movie lives up to the book. 


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