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Sunday, 3 June 2012

Sleep in rollers.....yay or nay??

Sleep in rollers have had a little bit if a buzz around them in the last few months. With sales in Velcro rollers skyrocketing since being seen on the girls from TOWIE and the Scousewives they have become a major must have in every girls hair accessories drawer.  The most annoying thing is the waiting time for your rollers to give  you volume. Thats where sleep in rollers come in.

Each Roller has a soft squeezy sponge in the middle and the roller itself is sqeezable. This allows for a more comfortable wear and allows for easier sleeping with the rollers in. Although I found sleeping with them uncomfortable I love the effect that they gave in the morning with minimal styling time. 

I secured each roller with a couple of kirby grips which meant that they were less likely to fall out through the night with all the tossing and turning that I do. The downside to this was the kinks the kirbies left in my hair which I had to use straightners just to straighten out. The Rollers left my hair super volumised and with a nice shape to it which can be seen in the below pic.

Overall my thoughts are positive on the rollers although they are still uncomfortable to sleep in they give an amazing effect and are great if you dont have time to blow dry your hair with a lot of volume or have time to wait on rollers working through the day. This is certainly an easier way to get the volumised look with only a minimal amount of time styling!! For me they are a definite YAY!!!! 

I got mine from for £16.50

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  1. I wish my hair was long enough to try this! Fab results. I spotted your blog on the BBU blophop!