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Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Something a bit more personal!

So since I have no inspiration for posts at the moment I thought I would let my followers and readers get to know me a bit better. So as you know I'm getting married next year, next September to be exact. I'm currently in my final semester at Uni and I cannot wait to finish as I can then move to the south of England to be with my wonderful husband to be who is doing his Phd down there. 

We have been long distance for 3 years which is so ridiculously hard. I never knew just how hard it would be, but we got through it and I think if something is meant to be then you will be able to work through whatever's going on in your life. So in January I move to my own home with my other half and it seriously cannot come quick enough.

 I'm hoping that over the next few months my blog will take shape and that I can find some inspiration for some new posts. If anyone has any suggestions I would be more that grateful. 

Azaria xx


  1. Congrats on getting married :) my boyfriend and I have a semi-long distance relationship. We actually live fairly close to each other, about 30-40mins drive away but we barely get to see each other with our work/uni schedules. I'm following you so I can keep reading your posts :) Can't wait for what you've got to share :)

    1. oops it sounds like I'm congratulating you on already getting married. I meant congrats on being engaged to be married :)

    2. Haha thank you Jen. It's so hard being long distance, I may write a post on how we have made it work for us. I know some people find it really hard and we have done. But there are ways to make it work. Would that interest you??